DMG ULTRASONIC 10 (oscillating)

Technology "ULTRASONIC" combines cutting-edge technology of using newer treatments, and still more modern materials. Combining ultrasound and high-speed milling machining DMG has developed an effective method for machining particularly hard and brittle materials such as líthiumdisilicate ceramics and special synthetic materials.

ULTRASONIC flexibility, with regard to the choice of material, is also versatile in the production of complex shapes.

HSC / Milling

Highly dynamic 5-axis milling / up to 42 000 rpm. / of the high precision dental compensations

and implants. Eg. ZrO2, PMMA, and Titanium CrCO.



Position of the rotating tool and additional oscillation support economic working with diamond tools.

Eg. sintered ceramics and zircon.


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